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A World of Magic, Stars and Mystery...

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Thousands of pages worth of adventures,
with more released every month!


Adventures, Dungeon Tales and Side Quests!

I create a lot of adventures with guiding NPCs, drama-filled narratives and unique monsters!

Adventures come with maps and sometimes tokens!


Dungeon Tales are classic dungeon crawl adventures, filled monsters, traps and magical loot!


Treat your players to a short side quest before continuing with your main campaign!

Every Side Quest comes with a battlemap!


Expansive Lorebook!

My very own Starlight Chronicles setting helps connect all of the content I publish.


Play the content as one-off adventures or connect everything by using our interactive Lorebook and the rich Interactive Map that are updated every month!

The Lorebook is exclusively available to Purveyor of the Arcane tier Patrons.

(Video tutorial for navigating through the Lorebook will soon be available!)

Mini Settings!

Explore entirely new regions with their own history, unique races, new monsters, encounter tables, adventure hooks and more.

All setting and system agnostic!

Foundry VTT Content!

All of my content is made into Foundry VTT modules every month!

Play all of my adventures on one of the best Virtual Tabletops out there!

and even more amazing content...

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