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This roadmap shows the plans we have for future content releases. Click on the images to find out more about each project.

The dates are an estimate and in no way a reflection of what the schedule will exactly be like.

C = Core Book

GT = Grand Tales

S = Supplement

Winter 2022

(C) Starlight Arcana
Check it out!

Winter 2023

(GT) Soulfrost Reliquary


(GT) Sirensong


(S) Sailing the Stars

(GT) Heavenfall

(GT) Rise of Anubis

(C) Souls Arcana

(GT) Daughter of the Moon


(S) Path of Souls

(GT) Witchwood Hex

(C) ??? Arcana

(GT) The Void Gamble

(GT) Rordon Gamsay's Extraordinary Cookbook

Digital Distribution

(S) A Whimsical World

(GT) Vampiric Sins

(GT) Skies of Steel

(C) ???? Arcana

(GT) Nox & Pox

(GT) Shaman Kings

Digital Distribution

(S) Corrupting Tides

(GT) Misty Gardens

(GT) Warring Mines


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