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So you want to know more about Starlight Arcana?

The team:

Map Artwork & Graphic Design: Ori the Cartographer

Art Direction & Majority of Illustration Work: Dusky Cat

Logistics & Marketing Help: Natwuns

Author, Editor & Everything else: Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis

So you have questions about what Starlight Arcana is exactly and what it will include? Well, don't worry as our FAQ will have you wondering no more!

✦ Are the FREE Promotional Adventures part of the Kickstarter book?

The FREE PROMOTIONAL adventures that we will be releasing over the course of August and September are NOT part of Starlight Arcana. They are astral-themed but that's it. They are made and given out to celebrate the launch of the Starlight Arcana project. We have come together with various creator friends to build awesome content and give it out to anyone that enjoys astral-themed content.

✦ What is going to happen story-wise in the book?

This is something that will be revealed on the KS page itself. It is a 3-act campaign where the players start at level 1 (Act 1) and gather a crew of unlikely allies to slowly work towards the goal of understanding what is going on with the missing stars in the sky (that Alya, the astromancer noticed). In Act 2, you will be working hard alongside your newfound allies to repair and rebuild a ship that will allow you to leave Latakar and travel around the galaxy. In Act 3, you will go from planet to planet, exploring and trying to understand more about what is going on. I am trying not to give out too much information as it would potentially spoil the game experience of people that might want to purchase Starlight Arcana but play it as a player and not as GM.

✦ What is the level distribution and length of the campaign story?

We advertised levels 1 to 8 and the idea is more or less to go no further than level 10 or 11. Instead of XP, we have implemented specific milestones based on each part of the campaign. Act 1 will take players from level 1 all the way to 3. Act 2 will take them to level 5. Act 3 is fully open and the general idea is to have every the players gain a level every time they complete 2 to 3 planet adventures. Each planet will have a full 1 to 2 sessions adventure as well as a few other plot and adventure hooks for the GM to use. Interesting habitats, unique NPCs and other encounters might have the party staying on a planet longer than the GM would expect, so the milestone can always be adjusted and there will be recommendations for this in the book through a special section at the start of each planet/adventure.

✦ Will the Tarot deck and other smaller components be sold separately during the campaign?

A lot of the content that you will see in the campaign will also be offered as separate add-ons during the Pledge Manager phase later on. There will, however, be some items that will be exclusive to certain pledge tiers and the ones above.

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