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Starlight Arcana is like your Hitchhiker's Guide to the 5E Galaxy!

Inspired by our love for everything astral, we created a huge 5E tome filled with everything you need to discover what is hidden beyond the stars. Begin your starfaring journey, fight against the corruption of the nebulous void and harness the power of starlight magic.

This book is, part Supplement...

  • x12 new Ancestries

  • x12 new Subclasses

  • x12 Legendary Artifacts

  • New School of Magic

...and part huge 3-act Campaign!

  • Huge Level 1 to 8 Campaign

  • x12 planets to explore and adventure on

  • Unique NPCs & new storytelling mechanics

  • Sea of Stars Lore and mechanics

  • Adaptive and simple setting


More info posted here!

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