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The Forest Pass

Various deep, dark and twisting chasms connect Central Latakar with the eastern part of the continent, the Rainy Forest of the East, and the jungle area, called Mysteries of the East. The paths cut through a high mountain range, called Green Peaks, which in many parts are not traversable by foot, and built a natural border between Central Latakar and the eastern part of the continent.

Traveling through these chasms has been dangerous for a very long time, as no ‘main’ path was marked and travelers had to find their way by trial and error, often leading them into dead ends or even dens of beasts waiting for careless victims. Before the Astral Conflict, there had been a busy trading route using the so-called Forest Pass, but the knowledge about its exact course has been lost during the calamity of the conflict, like so many things of this time.

In recent years the travel between the eastern part of Latakar and the central area has been becoming increasingly busy, merchants bringing lucrative wares from and to either side and people from the Rainy Forest of the East trying to escape the constant warfare to the more peaceful areas. Through a combined effort of the Merchant's Guild, the Tinkerer's Guild, and the Magocracy of Olbia, markers in form of small colorful engineered lights equipped with a power source have been placed all over the course of the fastest and safest route leading through the chasms.

These measures lead to countless life saved - either being eaten or hopelessly lost in the midst of the chasms - but has also caused the beasts living in the winding paths to emerge from their dens to find new prey. Caravans making their track to the other side of the mountains often hire guards for protection and so do wealthy travelers. And even nearby settlements, like Seesby on the western side of the mountains, are not safe anymore from the starving creatures, often attacking in the middle of the night when the thick mist comes rolling out of the chasms.

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Death Pass, by Kvacm

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