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Sun's Edge

Several suns bathe Latakar in various shades of light with color palettes changing depending on the time of day. From the highest mountain tops to the deepest parts of the ancient forest, sunlight helps the inhabitants of the land grow and live. There are only a few places where this light does not reach: into the deepest depths of the ocean or down into the chasms of the Forest Pass, and there are mostly no buildings in such hostile locations. But one building has been located in such a dark space, for the specific reasons of the suns not reaching there, and this place is called Sun’s Edge.

It’s a castle built in between high mountains and underneath a massive rocky ledge, the orange beams of Latakar’s weakest sun are barely reaching the tunnel entrance leading to it. It’s an ancient structure, the Astral Conflict had no impact on the massive halls and towers and they still stand there, seemingly untouched by time. Once used as a place of leisure and festivities for a nearby kingdom, the immense halls now are filled with dust and sometimes echos of past events. The magic in the castle is still very potent and rumors say that powerful magical items are hidden somewhere on the site. Countless adventurers and scholars have searched myriad rooms of the mansion and found nothing of importance. The expeditions here have become less and less over the last years, partly because the research grew futile but also because more and more people have seemingly vanished in the deeper levels of the castle.

Sun’s Edge not only consists of hundreds of rooms and the floor level and in the towers and reaches deep into the stone below and has several layers of dungeons beneath. No one really knows how deep they go, as mundane and magical light are reduced to a mere glimmer and only the bravest have dared to venture into the darkness. Some tell about skittering noises in the dark, eyes glowing with yellow lights, and punctual bite marks. Have the magnificent halls of Sun’s Edge become a den of vampires after the Astral Conflict and the abandonment of the former owners, or has the remote and lightless location always been a place for them to gather?

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In the Name of the Sun, by Kvacm

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