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The Valleys to the South

The southern lands of the Material plane of Latakar are filled with green valleys a couple lakes and lots of forests that separate it from the swamplands.


This is where the majority of the civilization resides. With Olbia, the City of Marble at the west of the valley, a lot of people have found the perfect opportunity to settle in the area around the city. The climate is perfect for farming and cultivation of the land. The center part of the valley is still largely uninhabited and one can only find sparse houses while traveling through it.


It is clear that despite what happened during the unmaking of the world, Southern Latakar was the one that recovered the fastest from it. Some of the richest families actually moved to this land in order to accommodate their needs next to others that would prosper from the welcoming environment of the valley

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Ancient Stones, by Kvacm

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