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The Vault of Heaven

The northern ocean of Latakar is always rough, with strong winds forming massive washes, and crashing against the cliffs and beaches. Seafaring this area is a dangerous venture and not many have made up the way to the northwestern coast all the way through the desert either. The climate up here is favoring massive storms making the trip to and on the coast even more perilous.

Mountains of clouds pile up on the horizon most of the time, reaching up to the very limits of the sky. There are not many reasons for people to travel to this region, so only a few have had a glimpse of the wonders hiding themselves up high above their heads. One could think of it as a mirage, or their tired eyes playing a trick on them when they see the grey city floating beneath the stormy clouds, riding the strong currents.

The buildings grow out of the clouds themselves giving them a natural and magical look at the same time. The inhabitants call this floating settlement the Vault of Heaven, searing high above the ground never to touch the ground. Towers over towers, connected via impossible thin bridges fill the sky and are home to elementalists. They live a secluded life amongst the clouds and tend to their studies of climate and sky in the material plane and their connection to the Astral Sea.

The origin of the city is not known and contact with ground-dwelling people hasn’t been made since the Astral Conflict. Only a handful of people have talked about their sighting of the city and most have been laughed about. Who knows what ancient knowledge is to be uncovered in the clouds, but first a way must be found to reach it.

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