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The Glorious City of Zholis

Located south of the Endless Dunes of the West the city and islands of Zholis - the main island with the central part of the empire and a handful of smaller islands nearby - only recently have returned to their former glory. Zholis wasn’t impacted by the consequences of the Astral Conflict as hard as many other areas of Latakar, but had another immediate threat right in front of its doorstep: the Volcanic Island of Wrath. An eruption of the volcano Wrath had destroyed the merchant empire two centuries ago and the citizens had struggled since then to rebuild the city, the surrounding outposts as well as their trading empire. The volcano is also the main reason, why not many people from the mainland have reached out to Zholis during the years after the eruption, as most people were very afraid of the immense forces of nature that is a part still lingered in this area. The volcanic activities grew weaker only in recent years, opening the routes to and from the mainland again, putting Zholis back on the map and into the trading routes again.

Zholis’s citizens were able to repair the damage done to their city in the meantime and even improve the city in different areas. As a new defense mechanism against the volcanic activities and the storms in the area, a part of the settlement is no longer built on the main island but instead situated in various domes on the nearby ocean floor. These are connected via long tunnels with each other and the part of the city on land. The people of Zholis got aid building these from the nearby Merfolk, who are way more experienced in making the southern ocean floor a formidable place to leave. The domes are constructed with a mix of technology and magic, not unlike the Magitech the citizens of Olbia are using. They still tried to aim for the colorful and lightweight construction method seen on the outpost and in the city of Zholis.

Roundish docks and buildings made out of bright stone, combined with well constructed wooden piers, colorful panels of fabric providing shade and catching the wind to generate a small amount of energy. The citizens of Zholis are not only well-established merchants and seafarers but also skilled artisans working with the highest quality materials to craft magical and mundane items alike.

The city is governed by a council of various merchant families who are each in charge f a different branch of trade or craft in the city. The families are often rivaling about different matters, but come together to rule the city in peace, each of them knowing that together they can gain a higher profit than separated.

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