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Launching in Autumn 2023!

The frost never bothered you anyway...

Enter the Soulfrost Reliquary in the first installment of the Grand Tales adventure series and unlock a terrible secret that was lost for hundreds of years!

What is in the book?

  • x1 huge dungeon crawl adventure for level 7-8 players

  • x3 huge, beautifully illustrated maps of the Reliquary

  • x35 brand new Soulfrost spells

  • x35 brand new Monsters

  • x4 epic Boss Fights

  • Tons of side quests

  • Lore for days


What are the Grand Tales?

  • Long-form adventures that last over 20 sessions!

  • Fantastic narratives written by not just "experienced GMs" but professional narrative designers!

  • Each Grand Tale comes with its own unique setting environment, lore information, regional map, denizen and monster stat blocks and so much more!

  • Kickstarter-exclusive projects, available only on Kickstarter!

  • Quick delivery, Backers get the Final PDF in no more than 3 months!!!

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