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The depths await adventurer...

Brave the ocean depths as you fight against the ancient Nalar in an epic war!

For Players!

  • x5 new Player races! 🧌

  • x12 new Subclasses! 🧙

  • x6 new Backgrounds! 🕵

  • x5 new Feats! 👣

For GMs!

  • A huge adventure module! 🌊

  • Epic Boss fights! 💀

  • Tons of beautifully illustrated maps!

  • x30 new Psychic spells! 🤯

  • x35 new Monsters! 💀

  • A huge map of the Glowing Trench! 🌍

  • Tons of side quests! ❗

  • Tons of regional information to expand your campaign! 📖

Just like with our other projects,

we promise:

  • Fantastic narratives!

  • A unique setting environment with tons to explore!

  • Extra content for days!

  • Quick delivery, Backers get the Final PDF in no more than 3 months!!


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Launching in Autumn of 2024!

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