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The Frigid Ridge to the North

The mountain range that separates the swamplands in the center of Latakar to the northern area is called the Frigid Ridge. It is there that altitude goes hand in hand with the decrease in temperature. The coldest climate exists in the North but that does not mean that there are no creatures living there.


On the contrary, quite a few have made the North their home. They have even founded one of the most important cities in all of Latakar, Angel City. The harsh environment is most definitely a way for many to test themselves by venturing out into the cold.


What is even more attractive to many is the fact that there are so many secrets to be discovered under the snow that has placed itself like a blanket over everything that remained from the old world. Unlike all the other areas of Latakar, the North was barely affected during the Astral Conflict and therefore has some of the oldest landscapes and structures in all of the Material plane.

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Midnight Climb, by Kvacm

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